10 gift ideas for the eco-warrior in your life

10 gift ideas for the eco-warrior in your life

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If you’re reading this blog post we’re assuming you’re a friend, partner or family member of an eco-warrior. What you possibly don’t realise, is often us eco-warriors are very waste-not-want-not orientated, and material possessions are not high on our wish list this silly season.

Never fear, if gifting is how you show your love and gratitude toward others, then we’re not here to tell you to stop! Instead we are here to inspire you with gift suggestions.

  1. A gift box or jar full of their favourite edible treat – be it nougat, chocolate macadamias or loose-leaf tea (and appropriate paraphernalia in some cases).
  2. Experiences! Anything from a cooking a meal for your eco-warrior pal, to taking them on an adventure such as sunset kayaking.
  3. A stainless steel or glass drink bottle.
  4. Some greenery – a potted houseplant is an air-purifying gift that keeps on giving. If you doubt their ability to keep a plant alive, then buy 10 trees in their name that can be planted locally.
  5. A set of bamboo cutlery in a cotton pouch for their handbag or backpack.
  6. Homemade cookies in a glass jar with a ribbon – check out our recipe here.
  7. A reusable coffee cup – we recommend one with a proper closure in case they’re not able to rinse it when done – these helps to prevent the contents of their bag getting ruined.
  8. A soy or beeswax candle – for that extra touch, gift a homemade candle.
  9. Homemade soap, face mask or body scrub. Gifted with a loofah, pumice, body brush, wash cloth or anything else to complete the item. We’ve published recipes for these here.
  10. A Packageless Pad voucher…. but then again, we’re a bit bias! Vouchers for anything are a great option though.

If you’re an eco-warrior who’s reading this, what would you add?

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