15 tips for a plastic free life

15 tips for a plastic free life

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It’s the first of July today, which means ‘Plastic Free July’ is upon us. The PFC campaign was established in 2011 and every year millions of people from across 150 countries participate. Due to its success, PFC is now an independent not-for-profit Charitable Organisation encouraging consumers to ‘Choose to Refuse’, which is pretty close to one of Packageless Pad’s very own Mantras: ‘Choose to Reuse’ - the intent is the same!

Here at KIND, we like to be plastic free every month. We know some of you are new to the plastic-free journey, so to help you get started here’s 15 ways you can start living plastic-free today:

  1. Ditch the single-use coffee cups, and either dine in or BYO. Take-away coffee cups are lined with plastic which is neither good for you (leaching toxins, gross) nor the environment.
  2. Save yourself some money by carrying a reusable drinking bottle that’s refillable for free, almost anywhere.
  3. If you’re someone who is always on the run, buy or sew yourself a little pouch for storing a set of cutlery in your bag. If you transit through airports often, go with a bamboo set like we have.
  4. Whether you’re making your own wholefood smoothies and raw vege juices, or buying from your local café, make sure you’re equipped with a glass jar to take it away in.
  5. If slurping from a jar isn’t your thing, then pop a stainless-steel straw in too. There’s glass and bamboo varieties available too.
  6. We’re not that keen on glad wrap, but beeswax wraps are an awesome alternative for wrapping your sandwiches.
  7. For snacks on the run, pack a small metal or glass container with your favourite dried fruits or nuts – no need to buy plastic snack bags of nuts from the corner shop.
  8. When it comes to topping up your supplies at home, much like your snacks, plastic packaged versions are a no-go. Take an organic cotton bag for filling at the pick ‘n’ mix or your local bulk buying store instead.
  9. While you’re at the grocery store, say ‘no’ to plastic produce bags and choose to use an organic cotton mesh one instead.
  10. If you don’t have enough hands for your haul, then carry everything home in a reusable tote.
  11. Did you know most tea bags have plastic threads in them? Why not go plastic free using either a tea pot or an infuser, and your favourite blend of loose-leaf tea.
  12. For cleaning your reusables, a wooden dish brush is the way to go. Preferably with a replaceable head.
  13. Plastic-free living isn’t solely for the kitchen, it extends to the bathroom too. Swap your plastic toothbrush for a bamboo one and replace it every few months.
  14. While you’re at it, we love organic cotton buds with bamboo sticks instead of plastic ones.
  15. Finally, whether it’s by the kitchen, bathroom or laundry sink… blocks of soap on a wooden dish are great for hand washing in place of plastic pump bottles that are thrown away when emptied.

How else do you go plastic free?

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