a how-to guide for applying your labels

a how-to guide for applying your labels

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If you’ve purchased from The Label Shop then you’ll probably be wondering how to apply your labels to your jars and bottles at home. The good news is you won’t need any fancy tools or equipment, it’s pretty straight forward. All you will need is the following:

  • A light-coloured teatowel
  • A dark pencil (i.e. a 6B if you have it)
  • A piece of paper – we recommend using the kraft paper bag your labels came in

First, if you’re using recycled jars and bottles – then good work! You will need to make sure you have a clean and dry surface for applying your new labels. If there’s any label residue left on your jars, then check out our blog post a step-by-step guide for removing old labels for some helpful tips for cleaning it off.

Next, fold your light coloured teatowel up and rest it on your kitchen bench, dining table, or any other flat surface, and lie your jar or bottle down on top of it. Your teatowel will be serving two purposes, one – it stops your vessel from rolling away (helpful) and two – any marks you make to the vessel with your pencil will be more visible against a light background, hence the teatowel will ideally be white or another pale colour.

Have a look at your vessel, you’ll notice there are two seams – this is because glass jars and bottles are made in two halves then fixed together. Take your piece of paper and line the edge up against one seam, then roll it around the vessel to the other seam – mark the location on the piece of paper. Fold the straight edge of the paper over to that seam line – the middle fold will give you the centre of the vessel, and if you hold this against the seams again, you will be able to mark this centre point on the glass with your pencil – this is the point where the centre of your label should sit.

Where you place your label on the vessel vertically is up to you – you can follow the same process with the paper for the for the vertical placement too, but the preference will be different for everyone. For shorter jars, we apply our labels centre-middle. For large jars, more like the top third; and for bottles – just below the neck where the glass begins to curve as the label needs to be applied to a flat surface.

Wherever you choose to place the label, you can rub the pencil off the glass at the end with your finger or an eraser.

Check out the video below to see these steps in action.

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