how to dispose of your order packaging responsibly

how to dispose of your order packaging responsibly

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Whether you’ve purchased labels, jars, bottles or other KIND products, we have put some thought into how your order is packaged and delivered to minimise impact on the environment.

If you’ve only purchased labels, here’s what you will see…

  • A Paperboard Envelope
  • A Kraft Paper Card
  • A Brown Paper Lunch Bag
  • Some Washi Tape
  • Your Labels

Paperboard Envelope

Paperboard is a heavyweight card made from recycled paper, which means your order envelope can be popped into your household paper / cardboard recycling bin. In some countries you may need to remove the Courier / Address and ‘Do Not Bend’ labels from the front of the envelope, however in our part of the world this isn’t necessary. Check with your local Council to be sure.

Kraft Paper Card

We like to express gratitude as much as possible, so included in every order is a square piece of brown card hand stamped with our logo and a personalised handwritten ‘thank you’ note. The card that we use is a textured recycled paper, made in the kraft brown shade, without the use of any chlorine. It is made carbon neutral and can also be popped into your paper / cardboard recycling bin. Or better yet, use it as an eco-friendly bookmark!

Brown Paper Lunch Bag

The labels you have purchased will be inside a brown paper lunch bag, secured with some colourful washi tape. Much like the envelope and card, the paper bag that your labels are in can be recycled – however you may want to hold onto it as it’s a useful tool when applying your labels. Check out our blog post a how-to guide for applying your labels to see what we use it for.

Washi Tape

Your brown paper lunch bag of labels will be folded over and secured closed with some colourful washi tape. Although ‘wa’ and ‘shi’ are Japanese words that translate to ‘Japanese Paper’, it may surprise you to hear that washi tape is made from either the bark fibres of a selection of Japanese plants, or more commonly a combination of bamboo, hemp, rice and wheat. Either way, the washi tape is made out of highly renewable resources and is biodegradable, so you can pop it in the bin without a worry – or why not put it in your compost bin if you have one?

Your Labels

Finally, the most exciting part, your labels! Once you have applied these to your vessels, you’ll be left with some backing paper. Unfortunately, the backing paper is a bleached kraft paper coated in a clay making it impossible to recycle, and as such it will need to go into your general rubbish bin. It’s not ideal but it’s the only component of your order that isn’t recyclable, which we think is a good start. We’re exploring alternative label products to transition to in the future – watch this space!

For those of you who have purchased a vessel with your label, you’ll see…

  • A Cardboard Box
  • Some Box Filler for Protection
  • Your Jars, Wrapped in Tissue Paper, Secured with Washi Tape
  • A Kraft Paper Card

If you’ve purchased loose labels too, then they’ll be in a brown paper lunch bag with washi paper as we’ve described above.

Cardboard Box

No matter the size of your order, it will come in a cardboard box. We have five different sized boxes, all made from the same material, and all recyclable. The boxes themselves contain a layer of fluted paper, between two liners of card for rigidity, and all the components are made from recycled paper. As with the paperboard envelopes used for our label deliveries, you may need to remove the Courier / Address and ‘Fragile’ labels from the front of the box before recycling it. This isn’t necessary in our part of the world, but please check with your local Council to see if it is required in yours.

Box Filler

We want your glass jars and bottles to get to you safely, so whilst we select a box with a snug fit, there will inevitably be some empty space which needs to be filled to help protect the contents. We’ve chosen two box fillers – cardboard strips, and shredded kraft paper. They each speak for themselves, both recyclable.

Tissue Paper

To protect the integrity of the labels, we individually wrap each jar in a sheet of acid free tissue paper, secured with a couple of pieces of colourful washi tape as needed. Whilst tissue paper is made from recycled cardboard, its yield is less so than other papers that are recycled when it reenters the production line. The good news is tissue paper is biodegradable, so whether you pop it into your compost or general rubbish bin, it will break down over time. Before doing so, please run it under a tap, as the water will help with this process – or better yet, carefully peel the washi tape off and reuse the tissue paper next time you gift something to a friend or family member. To read about washi tape, scroll up to the label section.

If you think we could be doing something better, please let us know in the comments below!

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