Sirop bottles in two sizes with three closure options
Custom refillable glass bottle labels
Organised kitchen glass bottles with lids
Reusable glass bottles with custom labels
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Syrup bottles with customized clear labels
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The Classic Syrup

The 'Classic Syrup' bottle is called that from it's days as a medicine bottle, but here you can choose what you use it for and what the label says in a font of your choice. The Syrup comes with three lid options, an aluminium twist cap, a neutral coloured pump lid, or a black trigger spray closure.

Volume Options:

- 200ml / 7oz

- 500ml / 17oz

- 1000ml / 35oz


- 200ml / 500ml - Stocky ( 1.75" x 3.5" / 4.45cm x 9cm )

- 1000ml - Big Boned ( 2.5" x 3.5" / 6.3cm x 9cm )

Closure Options: Aluminium Twist Cap, Neutral Coloured Pump, Black Spray Trigger

Font: Choose from one of five available fonts below

Text: Enter this below

If you'd like the bottle weight printed on your vessel for when you visit bulk bin stores, then purchase The Tare Label too and we will apply it to the bottom for you.

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