What are the colours available for the label text?

At this stage, only black. We will introduce white text labels in the future, and we are also experimenting with other colours. If there’s a specific colour you’d like to see, let us know and we will jot it down.

Some of my ingredients are dark in colour, such at star anise and black peppercorns, will the labels be readable?

We only offer black text labels at this time, and they’re a little harder to read against dark coloured ingredients. If you’d still like labels for those ingredients too, we recommend ordering them in the ‘relaxed’ font as it’s a thicker more legible font.

We’re moving to a new house and really want to reorganise our pantry when we do. Can we purchase the jars off you too?

Definitely! Pop over to our Bespoke Jars store to view our collection of jars – we have 10 in total ranging from 200ml / 6oz through to 2000ml / 67oz, they each come with a predetermined label size, and you can dictate the text in one of five font options. We also have a Bespoke Bottles collection.

We’ve been collecting old peanut butter jars and would really like to use these in our pantry. Can I purchase the labels only?

Absolutely, we think it’s great that you want to recycle your jars. We have labels available in four different sizes, and you can choose from five fonts for your text. Visit The Label Shop to check them out. You might also find the blog post a step-by-step guide for removing old labels helpful too.

Am I limited to the five fonts in the drop-down menu?

Not necessarily, if there’s another font you’d specifically like, please send us the name of it. If the font is free to download, we can use it for your order – if there’s a cost to purchase the font then we will decide with you how to proceed. You never know, we might like it enough to add to our library!

Are the labels reusable?

Once applied, our labels cannot be removed and reapplied – however the glass vessels can be reused repeatedly. If you try and remove a label once applied, the text will crack.

What are the labels made from?

They are made from a clear polyester - this ensures they are oil, splash and tear proof making them super durable for the kitchen.

How do I apply my labels?

Check out our blog post a how-to guide for applying your labels for help with this.

I made a mistake applying my label, what now?

You may need to purchase a replacement, as the labels cannot be removed and reapplied easily.

Are the labels dishwasher safe?

Since all dishwashers are different, we can’t confidently say the labels will survive – so it’s best to hand wash your vessels or wipe with a damp cloth or tea towel. The glass jars and bottles themselves can go in the dishwasher without the labels.

Can I buy jar lids in other colours?

We're only offering white lids at this time, but can source black, dark green, red, gold and silver too if you're interested. Please contact us to order another colour.


Can you ship to PO Box / Post Boxes?

Yes, we can ship to both physical and post box addresses.

What countries will you be shipping to?

We will be shipping to 133 countries in Asia, Europe, North America, Oceania and the United Kingdom.

The following is a list of countries we don’t currently offer shipping to, however we can on a case-by-case basis. If you’re interested, please contact us.

Algeria, Angola, Anguilla, Antigua And Barbuda, Argentina, Aruba, Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Benin, Bermuda, Bolivia, Botswana, Brazil, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cape Verde, Cayman Islands, Central African Republic, Chad, Chile, Colombia, Comoros, Congo, Congo, The Democratic Republic Of The, Costa Rica, Cuba, Curaçao, Côte d'Ivoire, Djibouti, Dominica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Egypt, El Salvador, Equatorial Guinea, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Falkland Islands (Malvinas), French Guiana, French Southern Territories, Gabon, Gambia, Ghana, Grenada, Guatemala, Guinea, Guinea Bissau, Guyana, Haiti, Heard Island And Mcdonald Islands, Honduras, Jamaica, Kenya, Lesotho, Liberia, Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, Madagascar, Malawi, Mali, Martinique, Mauritania, Mauritius, Montserrat, Morocco, Mozambique, Namibia, Netherlands Antilles, Nicaragua, Niger, Nigeria, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Republic of Cameroon, Rwanda, Saint Barthélemy, Saint Helena, Saint Kitts And Nevis, Saint Lucia, Saint Martin, Saint Pierre And Miquelon, Sao Tome And Principe, Senegal, Seychelles, Sierra Leone, Sint Maarten, Somalia, South Africa, South Georgia And The South Sandwich Islands, South Sudan, St. Vincent, Sudan, Suriname, Swaziland, Tanzania, United Republic Of, Togo, Trinidad and Tobago, Tunisia, Turks and Caicos Islands, Uganda, United States Minor Outlying Islands, Uruguay, Venezuela, Virgin Islands, British, Western Sahara, Zambia, Zimbabwe

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

Orders are processed within 3-5 days working days. Once dispatched, orders will typically arrive within 3 – 10 days. Please note however that delivery to areas outside of major cities may take a little longer.

Will my parcel by tracked?

Yes, all parcels are tracked.

The shipping costs seem expensive, do I have any other options?

Shipping is calculated at the checkout, based on the weight of your selected items – in the case of jars and bottles this can add up quickly. Occasionally we can find a supplier with a better price, so please contact us if you have a larger order and would like is to investigate some options.

Is my order packaging sustainable?

It sure is, read our blog post how to dispose of your order packaging responsibly for more information.


Where is KIND Living Store based?

Our company headquarters are in Auckland, New Zealand.

Who owns and operates KIND Living Store?

Husband and Wife duo Brad and Jen, who together have a desire to live a healthier lifestyle with a reduced environmental impact.

What is KIND’s Mission?

To to help as many people as possible create beautiful healthy homes and feel more empowered as consumers.

Will KIND be offering any other products other than what you currently stock?

Yes, over time we will also be introducing a range of complementary home and living products that will serve your personal mission to live more consciously. If you’re a supplier who has a product you think suits KIND’s ethos, you can send a sample to PO Box 78-263 Grey Lynn, Auckland 1245 New Zealand.

Does KIND wholesale?

Yes, we wholesale our full range. If you’re interested in becoming a KIND stockist, please send us an enquiry.